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Alone in the Infirmary by Soraname

Alone in the Infirmary by Soraname: edward on his hospital bed wearing nothing but his underwear, which is lowered to his mid thights
winry is sitting on top of him, his dick is inside her with cum leaking out, she is holding his head by both of her hands, he is suckking her boob gently, she has a smug smile on her face
winry wearing her outfit without the black jacket, her boob is coming out from top of her dress
dialogue :
winry : I thought you hated milk
edward : JUST SHUT UP
keep in mind both character the same height and size, winry boobs around B size, not very big
[img id=”9bd178382745fc40a2d30fa78d5b3c67″] [img id=”1735eb5feb81e55d0c942430599513d8″] [img id=”a818ae20928205dabfd525e2f15ff04e”] [img id=”092b818106e7129819e19dc7fba55d39″] [img id=”c1e78c9bd2d9e2ae9034a19d41101a09″] [img id=”c6b3fbea7d25d05d546612bd794784a4″] [img id=”26d94bc5c1b05f4225a09b990f2f04f6″] [img id=”974195b2d33f90336ac2361fdc53062d”] [img id=”950817243bb1b63d0a907e5a3d281458″] [img id=”a4ebb8d533f920fa677fde30c89bec6c”] #cowgirlsexposition #CharacterEdwardElric #CategoryFullmetalAlchemist #CharacterWinryRockbell

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