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Goddesses Sisters Mana Recovery by Xvzzz

Goddesses Sisters Mana Recovery by Xvzzz: Commission ("FGO ishtar (archer) short

Panel 1 – (Back View) (smaller panel) Ishtar is taking off her shirt (has no bra underneath). She is only wearing a thong. Ive attached files for what i think how far her shirt is off in the scene but instead of from front i want back. also attached a file for the type of thong is wearing.
Panel 2 – (Front View) – Is holding masters huge cock in her hands. She is slightly leaning forwards so her breasts are right in front of masters face. Imagine them being on a bed.
Panel 3 – Ishtar deepthroating masters cock while laying on the bed
Panel 4 – Ishtar is licking the shaft of masters cock, post ejaculation. Cum can be seen dripping on her face , and down the
shaft of his cock.
Panel 5 – Ishtar is stadding master, and the tip is about to go inside her pussy. She is so wet , her juices are dripping down her leg.
Panel 6 – the cock is fully inside her as she rides it.
Panel 7 – She is now laying pressed up against master on top of him. Her boobs are pressed against him. While she rides his cock.
Panel 8 – Master ejaculates inside her, cum can be seen dripping down her legs.
Panel 9 – door can be seen to be cracked open , ereshkigal (the blonde reference) is standing there visibly wet.

masters cock is around 11-12 inches long, and is very thick.

Giving the artist a lot of freedom of what they think it should look like by my descriptions. There will be dialouge, which artist can come up with. Would highly prefer them to have played FGO so they know her character. Also list price for whole thing, just not one page. Also send me a message of if you are going to do it in color or standard manga style (prefer color). Look forward to working with you! [img id=”eddcdf2a50f47897359ffeff52beabe6″] [img id=”2c6eeef3dbd6479edd355e725814ecf7″] [img id=”8e55fa4e8ffb14aca75531d308d5fead”] [img id=”a133fee1ea079d40deaa35a3681bfaff”] #cowgirlsexposition #doujin #CategoryFateGrandOrder #Characterishtar #Characterereshkigal


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