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ment in the classroom by Bukka

ment in the classroom by Bukka: Byleth(fully dressed) sitting on her desk, with Edelgard(fully dressed) laying over her lap, Edelgard short is lowerd showing her bare butt, her face is red and she is biting her lips to hold her moaning voice, she is enjoying it
Byleth is smiling as she use her hand to spank the other girl on her bare butt making it very red
both girls around the same height
as for the background make it vaguely resemble the desk and the background image [img id=”851fb37ba5a620fef54cf8d09ec29be5″] [img id=”97bdfe0e6ca4bba929c162a79a9e9038″] [img id=”8ce821a73e1575ad7f5f26499739f6c1″] [img id=”de2049db759026653c3e9300bda6ccff”] [img id=”fb5e7a67fc50e5552de785dd828ac6cd”] [img id=”79c6fc09d16190ce668bec9cc81fbc32″] [img id=”c99eab550e89049b97eacd7a5e82164c”] [img id=”a200159ab77d3b1ebcc1cc076c5eeb66″] [img id=”30f4d7cd60058d97a0e7f7a3dc9ac19f”] [img id=”88e66bec712a213aa5cf464bba1c3a49″] [img id=”32f51b7d3b7207f517d4378a09717032″] [img id=”6472f2dfbcbf486c01d857c7267d6ce8″] #Yuri #CategoryFireEmblem #Spankingfetish #CategoryFireEmblemNewMysteryoftheEmblem #CharacterEdelgardvonHresvelg #CharacterByleth #CharacterByleth

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