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The Five Naughty girls Part 1 by Orange

The Five Naughty girls Part 1 by Orange: Serie: Go-Toubun no hanayome (1)
Characters: Itsuki (2-3), Futaro, ichika (4)
Title: The Five Naughty girls,n°1

Details: I want to make a series of five images on Go-Toubun no Hanayome. There will be one image for each of the quintuplets. However, there is a theme to be respected. I would like there to be the same atmosphere as on image 5. Two characters have sex in a particular position but they have surprised by a third.

So for this first picture, here’s the scene:
– Itsuki (2-3) and Futaro (this is the man you see in the first picture) have sex based on this position (image 6).
– Two are naked
– Itsuki (2-3) blushed and she looks uncomfortable when she sees Ichika (4) looking at them.
– Ichika (4) is in a corner of the picture, from behind, watching the scene.

For the set, I’d like it to look like a classroom.

I can 180 EV. Thanks.
[img id=”6a95e372838244db31f771852c320ca3″] [img id=”423e7ea06899d73d522e572bc8e9960c”] [img id=”ec6e2c356cab70b0be85a4c35af38bba”] [img id=”8b03f8614c4f1f2c78da65b7dad1b596″] [img id=”ca6b9abc668114fb6b87b8b054fd30b4″] [img id=”ea64bb868c64b23811a1c6dec2d27dca”] #vaginal #Categorygotoubunnohanayome #CharacterItsuki


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