Trans/CD adult visual novel game

update Level 2 and above is now here.

The update is finally here!
Apologies for this update its something that I tried so hard to bring something new for everyone to enjoy only to run into so many problems. This update is rather small but I feel quality wise its the best ive ever done. Quantity wise its the worse.
This update adds 40+ new renders
update to the main story line
A sex scene
Some minor bug fixes
fixed being able to skip the bathroom scene
fixed some highlighting errors
fixed some issues that made the game load slower
Some major bug fixes
Fixed the issue of being locked in the end of game screen
Fixed an issue with the config options (still a minor issue there just ignore the popup config options still work)
Overall game file size has been reduced. Images are now compressed.
Hope you enjoy this update and look forward to whats coming.

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