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Natsuki returns to the doujin voice work scene with a new work from her circle, RJ265254. After having listened to this work, I had a few things I wanted to talk about. To start, I noticed that she had a new equipment setup and it did not involve any kind of dummy head microphone. I honestly don’t think that’s a bad thing. When listening to this work, there’s a bit of clarity to the audio that I felt was lacking, even in recent ku-100 recordings. As a result, I think it simulated the feeling of your ears (specifically your ear lobes) being licked better than those who recorded using dummy head microphones. Though, I’m sure there are many who prefer the messy ear canal licking that is kind of exclusive to dummy head microphone recordings.
It also made me realize something that hasn’t been a thing for a while, which is the sound of a person’s breath. I don’t think Natsuki had filters on her microphones when she was recording, which definitely resulted in the work picking up her breathing a bit too often, but there were moments where I absolutely loved hearing that wind noise, and I feel like it could be utilized really well, especially for moments where the VA gets really close and personal to “you” (the microphone).
All in all, it was a nice and simple story, there to help you relax. Kind of reminiscent of her other work, RJ137774.

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Ayaka 2019 ci-en folder: https://mega.nz/#F!UUUh0SKa!E8jBo1UItvJXgHfZWQzUVg
RJ126080: https://mega.nz/#!dToADa6Y!kRIDb2Y_cKNB_14KTiHcVF1cTLD5pVwk_q2VPiHpco4